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Matters needing attention when choosing adhesives
Time:2022/4/20 9:22:44    

1. Storage period

  Each product has a storage period. According to international standards and domestic standards, the storage period refers to normal temperature (24°C). Acrylic glue is 20 .

  For acrylic products, the higher the temperature, the shorter the storage period.

  For water-based products, if the temperature is below minus 1°C, it will directly affect the product quality.

2. Strength

  There is no all-purpose glue in the world. It is best to use a special adhesive for different adherends. If the strength of the adherend itself is low, it is not necessary to choose high-strength products, otherwise, overcapacity will be used and the cost will be increased.

  Not only high initial strength, but also good durability should be considered.

  The performance of high temperature curing adhesive is much higher than that of room temperature curing. If high strength and good durability are required, high temperature curing adhesive should be used.

  For a cyanoacrylate glue (502 super glue), in addition to emergency or small area repair and continuous production, it should not be used for materials requiring high bonding strength.

3. Other

  White latex and urea-formaldehyde glue cannot be used to bond metal.

  For adhesives requiring transparency, polyurethane adhesive, optical epoxy adhesive, saturated polyester adhesive and polyvinyl acetal adhesive can be selected.

  The adhesive should not be corrosive to the adherend. Such as: polystyrene foam board, can not use solvent-based neoprene adhesive.

  Adhesives with high brittleness should not stick to soft materials.

4. Precautions when using AB glue

  For the adhesive of AB component, please mix it according to the requirements of the manual. For the adhesive of component AB, be sure to stir well before use. Do not leave dead corners, otherwise it will not cure.The adherends must be cleaned without moisture (except for underwater curing glue). In order to achieve high bonding strength, the adherend should be polished as much as possible.

  The quality of the bonding joint design determines the bonding strength. When the adhesive is used, it must be prepared and used, and it must not be left for too long. If it is fast curing, it should not exceed 2 minutes.If you want high strength and fast curing, you can heat it according to the situation. When applying glue, it should not be too thick. Generally, 0.5mm is better. The thicker the bonding effect, the worse the bonding effect.

  When bonding objects, it is best to apply pressure or fix them with a clamp.For higher strength, it is best to leave it for 24 hours after bonding. One-component solvent type or water type, be sure to stir evenly when using. For solvent-based products, after gluing, it must be cooled until it is not sticky to the hand, and then glued.

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