Foam Sponge Cutting Machine For Shapes Foam
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Foam Sponge Cutting Machine For Shapes Foam

Detailed description:

(1)Max cutting foam size: L3000xW2200xH1200mm , total length of the platfom is 6000mm, divide into front platfom and back platfom with same length, and the blade goes back and forth in the middle

(2)cutting way: cycle vertical cutting, adopting with annulus vertical knife, with knife grinding device

(3)International standard CAD drawing programming system cutting

(4)Machine controlling way: Mitsubish Servo System+ (PMAC) Programmable Multi-Axis Controller

(5)Machine control system: Window7, with special foam cutting software: more stable, easy operation and precise cutting

(6)Starter of cutting system adopt with Mitsubish motor , 2 of 2kw Mitsubish Servo motor, 2 of 0.75 kw Mitsubish Servo motor

(7)Motor of blade using of Taiwan brand "Taida" frequency conventer to adjust the speed 

(8)Electrical control contactor and spin button use of French Schneider Electric system

(9) Cutting precise: ±1mm

(10)Blade cutting speed: 0~980r/min(adjustable)

(11)Cutting speed: 0~20m/min

(12)Total power: 13kw

(13)Machine weight: 5tons

(14)External machine size : L6000xW5600xH3100mm

 (15) Spare parts: 3 blade belt, 1 set of Maintenance tools